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May 24, 2010


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I have all those same questions! And I wanted answers! I'm ok with the way it ended, just wanted more.

First, a link to my blog on this: http://aj.rockycrater.org/2010/05/24/lost-the-finale/

Now, my answers to the questions you have:
1) Michael and Walt were not there because their lives weren't as tightly bound to those of the others there. They will end up in their own "waiting room" with Walt's mother, etc. Although Michael had an impact on Jack, Sawyer, et al., his actions had actually condemned him to "haunt" the island as one of the whispers -- possibly for all eternity.

2) Jack's son was a vehicle for Jack's coming to terms with and letting go of his issues with his own father. At the start of the flash-sideways Jack and his son were distant, just as Jack and his father had been. Their coming together paved the path for Jack to be able to, literally and physically, embrace his father at the end.

3) Juliet was there because of her connection to Sawyer and to Jack. She set into motion the events that led to Jack becoming caretaker, and one could argue that her dying words "it worked" were because she was on the cusp and could see the flash-sideways world. Since most of the people who were on the island were not in the church, we can presume that those present were the ones that mattered the most in Jack's life and death. There is nothing to suggest that they might not also be in another waiting room, waiting to welcome people from other aspects of their lives too. LOST was, when all is said and done, Jack's journey.

4) As there was only a single caretaker before Jacob and his brother were born, I don't think that there needs to be a black-n-white balance present there. The caretaker is needed to protect the heart of the island from those who would act without understanding what they are doing and the harm it could cause. That we are left without a clear understanding of that isn't so much a product of the writers not explaining, but of the caretakers themselves not entirely knowing the answers. Whatever Mother knew, she past on very little to Jacob and his brother before dying. Whatever Jacob had learned, next to none of it was passed on to Jack -- note that Jack didn't even speak an incantation over the water before giving it to Hugo to drink. And Hugo, obviously, got zero instructions before Jack died. Having been born of the light, the Smoke Monster might have understood more than the caretakers, but not everything -- after all, his scheme to leave the island made him mortal, which is something I doubt he would have intentionally decided to do.

5) Aaron is a bit of a hanging thread, although there is a structure that could explain him. Claire coming onto the island pregnant and immediately going into labor pains mirrors the birth of Jacob and his brother -- who might well be the only other children ever born on the island. It was important for Claire to raise him so that he didn't end up with a "Mother" like Jacob and his brother, and thus become another caretaker. I'm wondering if Claire's full name was in the cave, or just her last one like Sun & Jin.

6) The Dharma Initiative wasn't at the core of Jack's life, so it takes a backseat to other events. As for the remaining people and others on the island, they are the ones Hugo will be looking after.

7) Richard won't have a problem adjusting. He's seen modern technology on the island, and he's ventured off the island in the past. From the Lostpedia:

"Richard had on occasion left and returned to the Island. In the outside world, he monitored John Locke's early life, having visited him as a baby and at age five. He also presented himself as a recruiter for Mittelos Bioscience, helping to bring Juliet to the Island in 2001."

So, there you go, Jen. Seven answers to seven questions.


A few video answers to questions, including Aaron:

As to the Aaron question, Aaron wasn't special. The only person who said he was was the psychic. But the psychic was a quack. He said so himself in some later episode (Season 3, I think). The only thing that mattered was that Claire had to be on Oceanic 815.

All the Dharma people died in Ben's purge. That was the end of Dharma. There should still be some Others left on the island because that group of them left the temple with UnLocke (unless they all died when Widmore bombed the beach). I assume Hurley and Ben will hook up with those folks and they'll all regroup.

I'm writing my post now- to hopefully be finished before 2012, so I am formulating my thoughts but I think overall I feel exactly the same. Good questions,especially about who was included in the ending scenes in the church. I'll check back here when I'm done!

Oh and if you haven't already watched it- we stayed up for the Jimmy Kimmel thing and the endings were spoofs, not the real deals- funny though.

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