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April 13, 2010


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Dear Deano,
I love swimming lessons and being nekkid too! But...am jealous that y'all can run around in flip flops and look all summery in April. Today I wore fleece pants! You probably don't even OWN fleece pants!
Love, Megan

ps does the above officially qualify me as a loser? what kind of woman writes pretending to be her kid????

pps - ME! We are totally not losers!

Hey Deano!

Being 43 wears you out too! Thanks for letting your mom come play with us, maybe you can come down soon.

Hey, Dean Bean! Sounds like you and Mommy had a really fun day at the zoo! I'm so happy you liked the water park, too. You look snazzy in your swimsuit and shirt. What a big boy you are to keep them on, too! :) Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Grammy loves you!

Dear Dean, I has a question. Does your mom threaten to lock you in a tower if you don't stop growing? No? Just mine? I thought so. I'm growing my hair out again just in case.


PS: You should come to my zoo! Once a grilla shoved its butt up against the glass and scratched it for like 10 minutes. It was awesome.
PPS: Just so we're clear, Megan is MY long-distance international girlfriend. But we can share, because my mom says I have to.

Hey Deano! It sounds like you are enjoying time with your mommy. I can't wait until mine takes me to the zoo again - we haven't been in FOREVER (well, in almost a year). I miss the bears and birds! Hopefully we will go soon. I also love the splash pad at ours - it is so fun getting wet!

And another good way to wear yourself out at the end of the day - shovel some dirt in the back yard for an hour with daddy. It is great fun. Follow that with a bath, and you will be ready to sleep!

Deano!! What's up little man? I miss you and I'm super glad that you've been having all of this fun. The zoo is pretty awesome, right? I have GOT to come visit you soon before you really are all grown up and in college. Sheesh.

Much love to you baby doll - tell your mama and daddy I said hi :)

wow Dean, that was a busy day! Sounds like lots of fun and I wish I could have been there with Stella, we would have had a blast :-)

I always wondered what a 2-year-old would say if he could talk.

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