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April 20, 2010


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AJU5 is loving the outdoors too. She loves to play int he dirt though because we told her not to pick the flowers (tulips) in the front yard.

So is Deano rocking the potty training thing? We are about to start with AJU5 next week I think. Hopefully it will be easy...

Glad you aren't truly sick. But I know the allergies can be a pain too!

That shirt is AWESOME!!!! Great job AJ :)

Also, that little smile of his is just too precious. Add his good looks with his child genius tendencies, and you have one heck of a little one on your hands. I know you're a proud mama!!

Hope you feel better cuz. This pollen is killing me too. But still, YAY for spring!!!

Boo to sore throats, yay to gardening and spring and those underoos? Are killing me. KILLING ME.

Thanks, H! I had to get it when I saw it.

Jen, I hope you feel better, Baby. Those allergies are so hard on you. You're going to love your veggies!

Those are such great pictures of Deano. I can't wait to see y'all.

He is SO dang cute. I'm a sucker for brown eyes and that grin is a killer. How do you ever say no to him when all he has to do is flash that smile??

Too bad we're not closer - I bet Dean & Fin could solve the world's problems in the span of one playdate.

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