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March 01, 2010


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Yay for free coffee! Boo to fire alarms!

With the way the 2 year old is coming out of Keaton, a hotel room sounds REALLY REALLY NICE right now.

I am going to come to one of your plays...I am! Which one is going to be better? When? Seriously, I am going to drive over and watch one.

We went to one of those "happy hours" when we traveled last year on a Thursday. There was enough food there for a dinner if you wanted it - which could be very nice.

I hope you get some rest soon! Don't work too hard and burn out!

OMG I love LOVE it when there is unlimited free coke zero anywhere! Even when it's on a plane that I've paid several hundred dollars to squish into, I love me my "free" coke products!!

Uh, the rest of your post was great too. Am dreaming about aspartame-laden pop.

We have the opposite situation - Brad has just left for three weeks (Alaska then Eerie, Pennsylvania) so it will be a non-bachelor pad. I am excited that there will be no beer cans lying around, and just nice small girl clothes in the laundry:)

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