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March 22, 2010


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We are excited about coming to your play!!! AND, Montgomery has a Fresh Market???? Awesome, I already go there for COSTCO!

Of course we remember you! And I'm so glad you're doing what you love to do and are enjoying it.
And GO Dean! Chocolate chip aatmeal cookies are a good place to start.

Sounds like a good few days with the boys 9minus the truck issue that is). Hopefully this next play will move along quickly but still be enjoyable. We miss you, but at least you do still write occasionally :)

I wanna come sit on the snack step and eat a cookie with Dean. Finally! I get to share a cookie with my grandbaby! :) :) :)

I wish I could get excited about something used to clean the house... maybe I'd do it more! Like, if I had a super cool washing machine and dryer that magically folded and put away my clothes? Heck yeah...I'd do laundry all the time. *sigh* Until they invent that I guess I'll keep procrastinating and only washing when I'm completely out of clean stuff. :)

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