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February 06, 2010


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yummmm... you know what's also good? ricotta cheese in place of the heavy cream, mixed in at the end. aaah, now I'm hugry!!

Oh, yum! You have just found my weakness, pasta with an excellent sauce made from cream! This one looks like a keeper. I am going to print it out now and try it this week!
Love the recipes!

This sounds absolutely delicious. I'm a HUGE pasta fan, and it kind of breaks my heart that Derek isn't. He's a meat and veggie kind of guy. A "if it's not cooked on the grill, I don't want it" kind of guy. Fortunately for my taste buds, he's gone three weeks at a time, so I can cook whatever I want. I might try this one next time he's offshore :)

My mom would always make this with penne, a bit of sour cream, and ground beef. There were no leftovers. Now I'm excited to make it for my family. My husband and stepson have never had it.

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