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January 18, 2010


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Sounds like a good balance to me. You can blame the squished grilled cheese sandwiches on me. I like mine that way, too. (Remind me not to squish Marcus's if I ever make one for him!) ;)

I love y'all. You both bring me lots of joy.

Mr. P makes sure my sodas are always cold. He cleans the cat box. He carries all the laundry to the bedroom every time.

I was watching a lady yell at her kids at the movies the other day and it made me feel bad a bit because I am a YELLER. I had NO patience with my kids when they were little, or even now, I go from 0 to YELLING in no time.

Just one thing I wish were different about me.

It sounds like you have a very harmonious relationship! My husband and I also rarely ever fight. :)

We often forget the little things around here. With two little ones, that is where most of our energy is focused these days. But, I may start trying to do little things for him that won't embarrass him!

You two are so sweet. You'd probably be scared if you hung out with Bill and I. We appear to be in a constant state of bickering but it's just how we talk with each other. It throws people off that we communicate this way and then go in for a hug or kiss. We're, um, strange.
Bill is not a yeller, I am (with adults, not kids), but we are both good about the small things because at the end of a crazy day it can make all the difference when he says "I filled the cat food container" or I say "I unloaded the dishwasher".

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