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December 27, 2009


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Well, I am glad Dean had a good Christmas even though the rest of you were struggling! Praying that is the last Christmas any of you will spend sick!

It sounds like the same kind of Christmas we had at our house. How bizzare to read about another family that ended up with stomach flu. It went clear through the ranks at our house too. My poor kids, the felt like crap (no pun intended, or maybe it was) but they were still bouncing off the walls as all the adults were groaning in pain.
I am glad to hear that everyone is on the mend at your house. And I love your little project idea. We tried to do something similar, but it just didn't go over all that well.

That blows. We got it on the 26th. I'm going to blame you guys because I'm pretty sure these things can be passed via comment sections.
Glad Dean recuperated in time to enjoy his Christmas and let's all hope for better luck next year!

Glad everyone's all better now!! And I LOVE that look on Dean's face in the picture with your dad. PRICELESS!!!

Oh... and a sit-and-spin? Deano is a lucky boy! :)

so when reading about christmas crafts, my dyslexia interpreted "we are christmas pajamas." oh, kittens inspired by christmas. <3

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