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November 20, 2009


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I love all of his names. Didn't you leave one out? I can't remember it, but I do remember Marcus saying he wondered if Dean would be able to say it because it's so long. He's my sweet little Dean Bean. :) You need to think of one to call him when he's cooking.

My husband gets mad if I call AJU5 anything other than her name. Big Girl is even not allowed some times. It is very sad over here with the lack of nick-names!

I love his nicknames but you mentioned Lost in the first sentence for I had trouble concentrating after that. I AM SO EXCITED FOR SEASON SIX!

Hmmm...I might have to steal this post idea, we're big into nick-names too. Sham Wow is an AWESOME nickname for a toddler- you should be very proud.

I love your nicknames and love Sawyer's maybe even more - he is my favourite Lost character and I haven't even seen season five yet!

We are lameasses about nicknaming and hardly have any. Plus I hate it when people try to shorten Megan's name and call her "Meg" or "Megs" or "Meggie." Sometimes I call her Little One and Brad calls her "Half pint" which of course the formerly-aspiring-Laura-Ingalls in me adores.

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