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October 24, 2009


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Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Today is a great day for chili. Enjoy!

I made chili today! I use a recipe from "Dinner and a Movie" that Friday night show on TBS. Mmmmmm.

Okay - so I am a chili purist unless it is chicken chili - NO BEANS! But chili does sound good!

AJU5's Mom: Really? No beans? For some reason that surprises me. I would actually put black beans in mine, too, but my husband hates them!

HP: I saw on your blog that you made a TRIPLE batch! Wow!

I haven't had chili in ages...since last winter! Good reminder!

So you have college students at your house regularly. I don't remember EVER being invited to an instructor's house. Is it the arts thing? The southern thing? Sounds great whatever it is.

I LOVE that chili Recipe! I would love to do a COMFORT FOOD post for you! And I would actually LOVE to have you do a post on mine!

I think that we need to discuss the Beans vs No Beans debate. You know, anyone from Texas will tell you that there can not be a single bean in the chili. I, however, ask them: What is the "Chili Bean" for then????
I have never had a chili without beans, but I think that it would be just a beef stew.

Looks good. I hope you will add a link to my CrockPot carnival to this post.

Thanks for sharing made some chili earlier this week.
I used turkey instead of ground beef and only had the lime rotel, so I used that Then I forgot the pepper. It came out great even with the few changes.

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