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September 03, 2009


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Oh, I love Clarks! Does that make me old?!?!? Just not a student?

Ha ha ha! I didn't think we taught at the same place, but maybe we do!

I am so glad I just teach online these days. It makes life easier when it comes to handling students!

Hopefully they will get your memo :)

You're becoming bitter in your old age. LOL!!!

Ok, please let me be one of your students! Pleeease.

If my department approves our online course, you're in! :)

Jen Nelson Lane
AEA Stage Manager
All the world's a stage...and I'm calling the cues.

Ahhhh...to be flirted with by a college age boy. Those days are forever gone for me. Enjoy them while you can!

I love this! You crack me up.

Love this post! I grew up in the town where I went to college so I saw everything from both a local and student perspective. I love #8.

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