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September 25, 2009


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I've always wanted to try one! I'd love to win one.

As far as what I like on cookware.com -- I would love some Crueset enamel cookware -- I've never tried that either.

OOOHHH, my favorite pieces are the Rachel Ray cookware. We have them and I LOVE them! Dave thinks they are not as great as Calphalon but...I think the pasta pot is may favorite. It has a spout to pour out the water! Love it! Of course, we need another kitchen appliance like a hole in the head but it's one step closer to being a "gourmet" chef :)

Actually, I'd be tickled to have the mandolin slicer...one of those things I keep meaning to pick up and never seem to get... :)

I'm in LOVE with the Rachel Ray cookware too. I'd love to have that splash of color... and also... I just need new pots and pans!
http://www.cookware.com/Rachael-Ray-13486-RRY1007.html <-- Yummers!

I already follow you on twitter and I re-tweet.
Fingers crossed!

Boo Hoo.

xoxo Eva-in-Canada

read you blog... check
follow you on twitter... check
re-tweet your tweet... check! YAY!

I love the Rachel Ray garbage bowl. And my KitchenAid mixer.

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