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August 23, 2009


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Both of my kids are taking Intro to Theater this semester!

My first week back was frustrating, due to lack of books AND even though I am teaching an ADVANCED class, the students do not feel they are responsible for retaining information they learned in the INTRO class. makes me a little nutball.

Two words.... Prison Camp.... Poor boy...

Too funny, Jen. Casiday is not a bread eater either ... it does make lunches challenging. Glad he had a good first week ... prayed for you all!!

War Eagle!

Too funny. My son is STILL not a big bread eater (he's 6 now). Does make lunch challenging, but also gives a little more variety than a sammie, chips and drink right?! My son does like hot sandwiches, but those are hard to pack for lunch....
We go back to school this week. His official kindergarten year. Whew! Being my only it's gonna be hard (on me), but at least he is super excited! :)

We start back on the 31st too. And, Blackboard has been in repair, etc for us for over a week, so I will be rushing this week I bet! Luckily I don't have to change too much. And 96 students - wow! That is a ton! Hopefully you won't assign too many essays to grade :)

I'm glad Dean's adjusting well to school. It sounds like he's going to have a lot of fun this year! I wish there was a way to get Kara with more kids. We do church daycare every Sunday, but I think she could handle more. But we can't afford Gymboree, and Luke doesn't think he's coordinated enough to manage something like the zoo or library when I'm not around.

Ninety-six kids; that's crazy! How many sections of that class are you teaching?

Lastly, Kara eats pasta and fruit all the time, too! Usually either cherries or mandarin oranges.

Man - I wish my mama would've packed me lunches like that! Meatloaf beats a cold turkey sandwhich ANY day!! :)

And 96 students?!?! Holy cow!! Good luck :)

P.S. That drinking game is Hilarious. If it were to be played in Troy, you could pretty much bet that those drinks were in fact alcoholic. And I'm still laughing about the chalk dust on your butt!!

Sounds like Dean is a social success! Good on him!

I am planning to start drinking games in my meetings at work - every time someone says "going forward" or "getting the right people on the bus" or "2010" (referencing the 2010 Olympics that will be in Vancouver) I will take a swig of coffee! Two swigs for "thinking outside the box" or "I'm just thinking out loud..."

Your students sound great!

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