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August 30, 2009


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I thought you did just fine, in fact I meant to ask if you had lost weight since March, because it looks like you had. Though, I'm not that much older than your college kids :-P Good luck with your Intro class, I don't mind my class at 40 students, but when I had 100 one semester I nearly died, I hated it, so I hope you have a better experience than I do.

Okay, I am still in awe over your class size! And I bet that was a tree for one class (although I have killed trees for all of my classes before - it is fun - I miss the copier some days...)

Good luck today!

Haha - don't you just LOVE experimenting with new products? Yeah - I tried some John Friend Curl Around- curl inducing shampoo, conditioner and spritz a few weeks ago before coming to work. BAD IDEA. My hair was a a poofy mess, barely contained by a ponytail holder. Holy hell dude, it's made by the Frizz-ease people... why did my hair get so frizzy?! Sigh.

Have fun with all of your new students!!! I think I'd be having a panic attack about now. Me and speaking in front of large groups do not mix. Good thing you're the teacher of the fam. :)

Ooops... Yeah that "John Friend" guy... was supposed to be John Frieda. Don't know why I typed friend - because after that product let-down we are definitely not on good terms.

Jen, you had me laughing with the conditioner story and then Heather's comments had me rolling.
Thanks, I needed a good belly laugh.

Auntie M

Thanks for sharing the Macbeth thingy- I was going to e-mail to ask because I'm a Shakespeare geek and didn't know this little tid bit.
Hope class went well for you!

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