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August 26, 2009


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Yummy - I bet Main Street Tavern is in the same building that used to house the Montevallo Grille - or Red Bones, after it became a bar. Can't wait to try it out next time I'm home.

And Troy State?? Get with it Jen... it's just TROY now, gah... where have you been? :)

Wish I could be there for the party Thursday. I want some of that marinated cheese!!

Good post, but where is the picture of Dean for "Wordless Wednesday"? Hmm?

Oh, and I want some of that birthday cake. You gotta love a place that has birthday cake on the menu!

Sounds like a good restaurant! I wish we ate out more in some ways (but the checking account likes that we don't).

And I can't wait to hear what is for lunch on Saturday at the meeting... it is always "fun" to see what they serve!

You're on FB? And we're not friends??? AND I don't get a goodie bag? What's wrong with this picture?!?!

yay for new restaurants! The food sounds gooood. I probably would have ordered more or less what you did - I don't like sweet potatoes, but I love sweet potato fries :-)

It would be so fun to be able to come to your girl's night! Well, hopefully we'll be able to party together sometime at Blogher :-)

And yes, pretty please tell us why you can't say Macbeth in a theatre. I understand it's bad luck, but I'm sure there's more to it :-)

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