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August 12, 2009


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Poor Dean and his belly! I bet you are ready for him to go a week without throwing up! Sounds like other than that you had a great time. Definitely missed you around the internets!

Hey You! I have your blog in my reader, but then had to stop by a few days ago to see if my reader broke...I don't think I realized you were going to be gone.so.long.

That is a LOT of vomit. My dad bought a new car and picked us up from the airport when College Kid was 4 and she peed all over his new seat. awe.some.

Yay!! You're back! I've missed you :)

Glad you had a good time - even with all the vomit. YUCK! Can't wait to hear more!

Poor little guy. Kara's only thrown up once in her life, and it freaked me out. I hope he's feeling better soon!

And I'm jealous you had a date night! God, I miss those. Though we did get a coworker to watch the kids while we saw Tori Amos last Friday. But one night every three months is just not enough.

Glad you're back!

Oh boy, an eventful trip - at least for Dean's tummy. And your car. And Marcus' pants. Welcome home!

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