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July 21, 2009


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Yikes! That IS some rudeness!
And, being the mom of an only (at the moment since we are in the process of adoption for the second), that one comment about "Yeah, people with ONLY CHILDREN don't get it. They barely qualify as mothers" irritates me more than I have words to say.
Sorry you had to deal with such rudeness today. Hope tomorrow is better! :)

Wow. Just wow. I don't even know where to start except to say I'm sorry that there are ignorant asses roaming the libraries up there.


Girl, I know it! Just remember it's not you it's them. They aren't paying attention to anything...not their children, not you and sounds like not even to their birth control. It is strange being back in the south and it not really being what you remembered it to be. I think big city life brings out an extra bit of sensory awareness that always living in a smaller setting doesn't. Maybe, or maybe they are just self centered mean people. Better luck next time on meeting mommy friends. Good ones are hard to find sometimes.

I realized that I didn't say much more after the story of the grandma. Honestly? I'm just so shocked taht she would say that in front of the child! How does she expect him to improve if all his family does is complaine about his being a little different.

It's things like this that make me go HUH??? and wonder why people like my mom and me can't have more babies, but these people continue to be able to reproduce over and over. Ugh.

Okay, I don't know if they were rude or just play bad people. I mean, yes you can get distracted talking with friends. But, you should check on them periodically at the least. And the comment about parents of one kid just want to make themselves feel better for sure!

I'm a Southern girl - well really a girl from all over. My roots are in California but I've lived in Arkansas most of my life. My visits to the East Coast have been nothing but wonderful and friendly. Not a single bad experience. I'm not bad mouthing Arkansas, but it has changed. I think maybe the grass is always a little greener somewhere else. But, as a mom, grandmother and mother of informally adopted children, you can bet that I was appalled at your library story. I think children should be tended to and for goodness sake - let them speak. They have a lot to say. They can't say it as fast but they have a darn good point most of the time. I bet you are a wonderful mother. Thanks for the story.

Ouch. How on earth did those women know that Dean's an only child anyway? Then again, maybe (just maybe?) they weren't even talking about you. But were being unfriendly cows just the same. I always talk to moms! And dads! Especially when their kids are hanging out near my kids! But...maybe....the reality is that I don't have a whole posse of offspring and maybe some peoples' attitudes and behaviours change after having whole posses of offspring.

I'm not saying your experience didn't suck (it did! haven't even mentioned rudeignorantgrandma!) but that there could be more to it than meets the eye.

New York misses you.

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