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June 10, 2009


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Glad you had a good weekend Deano! Your pictures are adorable. I like the hair cut, man. Very nice.
And to answer your question: Yes. We all look silly shredding, just like your mama. Glad she can provide you some entertainment though. I bet it's much more fun to watch than to do. :)
Love you little man. See you soon!!

Hi, Deano! Grammy here. We really enjoyed having you, Mommy and Daddy with us this weekend. We miss you a lot! Come back soon.

Hi Deano! Man, you live an exciting life. Your weekend sound like great fun! Please keep us posted, we love to hear from you!

Sorry Deano - AJU5 is not up for sitting at the computer to read your post these days. She is too busy getting into everything else to sit still and read. She does agree with you that grandparents are great though, as she was spoiled by hers about 2 weeks ago. She also likes her pool too, although she prefers to stand up and throwing water on to Mommy instead of sitting down and playing. Hope you have a great summer with Mommy and Daddy!

Where is the Black and Blueberry festival????

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