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June 01, 2009


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Harlan Coben is one of my faves as well! and you are correct, that baby face is a keeper.

Yes, the Shred makes you quite smelly. But I'm up to 4.6 total weight loss so far, so bring on the B.O.!

(Don't worry, I do shower.)

And I couldn't resist that face, either. :)

Can't wait to start the books!! And Seriously? You are kicking my butt with this "workout" thing. I got on the treadmill last night, but after 20 mintues I was bored and got off. Nice. Maybe I should go back to my Jillian DVDs.
And, as always - that is a PRECIOUS picture of Dean!

I love the idea of a body scrub - will have to get some this summer for sure!

ps - I can blame Megan's crappy sleeping on a "sleep regression"?? Nice!

No weight loss plan for me right now... although I should cut back on the sweets! Hopefully I won't have gained too much weight in five weeks to get comments from my doctor :)
And I don't know what I love these days. My mood changes as often as my daughters I think!

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