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June 11, 2009


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HAAAAAAAAAA!!! I love it! I wish I'd been there with you to give her "the look". You know that look. ;) I've wondered, too, why they want to help you shop for cards. That's just too weird. We had that happen at my Hallmark just the other day, remember? And, yes, for those of you who work in retail, it's not nice to talk negatively about your boss to customers. She/he may be related to one of them. I'm just sayin'.

Hilarious... I'm so glad I don't work in retail anymore. I had some fellow sales associates who were loud complainers too. I just wanted to yell, "WHO CARES?!" Especially when they started talking about fueds with their best friends, or boy friends or baby daddies... praise God for my job now!

Baby daddies. Heh-heh. That's such a funny term. :)

H, don't you think everyone should be required to work retail for just a few months, preferably during the holidays? I'm glad I don't work retail anymore, too.

I hate listening to people I don't really know moan and grown about these things. It is okay if you over hear them talking at a normal volume to a friend/acquaintance, but the whole world doesn't need to know their problems!

Oh, and I never worked retail. I did life guarding/swim instructor, tutoring, and manufacturing/office work before I got a "real" job. I am very thankful for that!

Hell ya! As someone who works in Human Resources I can tell you that employees should be aware that there could be "secret shoppers" in the store at any time to report their conduct! And then their asses could get disciplined! So Employees: Just work! And make pleasant non-controversial chit-chat. The end.

Amen! I worked retail for about 13 years and my biggest pet peeve is for a sales associate to complain about their job in front of the customer. You may not be a doctor or lawyer, but show some modicum of professionalism you know? What happened to chit chatting about the weather. And I cannot stand the "personal shopper" offers. I don't know where you are in AL but I used to live near the Galleria in Hoover and I still will not go to Yankee Candle because their CS borders on harrassment.

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