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May 06, 2009


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Go ahead and tell them what you got me. I won't read it. I promise! Heh-heh. :) Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there in Blogland!

School's out, and I have to research!

What does it mean that you are the state auditions coordinator? I think I may send the boy to your conference next year (or do you have to be invited?) he is getting pretty excited about learning drama at college!

You will have to wait for my post on Sunday (or Monday) for our Mother's Day events. We have a little planned, but it is a surprise!

Sounds like you have a fun but busy summer ahead. I don't like flip flops - my toes don't like them at all actually. So, I tend to live in tennis shoes, sandals, and slip on shoes. That is year round actually - I RARELY wear dress shoes!

Oh, you're about to be busy! Have fun with all of your travels!! I wish I could go to NC with you... fun!! And I'm totally a gift-shaker too. :)

I like the idea of training a future audience. I love theatre (god how cliched is THAT statement!) but am sure that like anything, you can always learn more and enhance your experience.

5 pairs of flip flops? Go girl, rescue that economy!

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