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May 01, 2009


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Hi, Dean Bean! You have had a busy week! Looks like you're running the place now. :) I love all the pictures Mommy took of you. You sure are a handsome boy. Those are great sandals, too. Grammy and Papa can't wait to see you! Keep Mommy and Daddy in line, okay?

I love you,

After looking at this for the fourth time, I finally realized that Marcus shaved! Now we can see his handsome face again. :) He looks great.

Hey Dean, this is AJU5. So, are you complaining about being carried? I mean, I know we can walk now, but being carried is nice sometimes. We don't want to waste all of our energy walking some place. I would rather save that for playing!

AJU5: Being carried IS the greatest, huh? I sometimes like to flop out on the ground and give mommy puppy dog eyes so she'll hold me! Give it a try!!

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