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May 18, 2009


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Believe it or not, but I have that EXACT same fishing pole. I have never caught anything with it.

Also, I don't know why Typepad hates me. sad.

AJU5 has been a little "confused" by Daddy when he returns from trips - but like you saw with Dean, she gets over it quickly (I haven't been gone from her for more than 12 hours...).

As for the Grey's finale, I am finding all of the season finales to be crazy this year. I can't wait for NCIS tonight!

1. I miss the South. And I've never been there.
2. Find a conference in Vancouver! Bring Deano! We'll hit the beach & mountains all in one day-both within 15 minutes of my house!
3. That hotel experience is what scares me to death about travelling with Megan at this age. You are brave.
4. Seriously, find you a conference in Vancouver! World's most liveable awesomest city!

I need some of those antlers, don't ya think?
Have fun in NC. I'm totally jealous. I need a break from Andalusia...

Oh my goodness, my brother-in-law would want those truck antlers. Scary thing - my sister would probably put some on her mini van.

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