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March 30, 2009


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I think the one of Stu in his month is the best, even if there are no ears :(

Hilarious! Happy (early) Eater to you too!

There were several really cute ones! I know not the Easter picture you envisioned, but that is as good as it gets until he is, well, I will let you know.

I love them all! Happy Eater to y'all!
I love you!

Oooh, I LOVE THEM!! And the one with you wearing the ears is priceless. I can see your frustration. :)
But seriously, dude... those are some stinkin adorable pictures. Print em up and send em out!!
Happy Eater!!

Adorable, checking out your blog,as you were the winner of my giveaway! YEAH.... I sent you an email.

Oh, why can't they leave the things we put on them alone? AJU5 pulls out her pig tails now, so I have to find a new way to control her fro!

And the monkey in bunny ears is SO cute!

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